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An Energetic Healing session will help unblock the restricted energies held within the body.  The experience of this beautifully intuitive session opens you to greater clarity of mind and heightened awareness.  You will be guided to access your subconscious realm where belief patterns are stored as well as utilising Universal energy to heal these blockages.

As your soul awakens to its purpose, you are left feeling lighter, invigorated and refreshed, ready to take on the world and achieve your divine potential.

Stephen BishopStephen Bishop

Stephen is available for energetic healings, spiritual connecting & Journey work as well as individual past life journey work.  Stephen has worked with a large number of clients over the years, including Miranda Kerr who had this to say about Stephen:

"Energy healing is something I believe in.  When I can, I see my friend Stephen Bishop in Sydney and have my chakras aligned and my energy re-balanced.  Instantly I feel a difference." Miranda Kerr (Good Health Magazine, March 2010)

  To make an appointment to see Stephen contact us directly on 0414 893 963.  


Cancellations: must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the full rate of that scheduled session.

If you arrive late you will be given only the remainder of your scheduled time unless the practitioner has no consecutive bookings or outstanding commitments.