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A journey into soul-fullness

The Language of the Soul  has been specially designed to assist you in reconnecting with the deeper you, the place where soul resides.  Facilitated in an open and safe environment, this course teaches you how to access your intuition, clear energy blocks from your body and auric field, and transform your relationships by connecting with others at a soul level.  For those interested in energy work or psychic development, this course will enhance your connection to spirit and your ability to 'get out of the way' to channel universal energy to support others.  The Language of the Soul is an important step on the journey towards a life that’s in alignment with your soul’s divine purpose.

Pre-requisite/Co-requisite: None.

Course Duration: 16 evenings (2.5 hrs each) across 2 school terms.

Location:  Leichhardt

Study Pathways:  At the completion of this course you receive the Certificate Of Language of the Soul.

  • The Language Of The Soul learning and experience can be enhanced by continuing onto the Soul Metaphysics course if desired. 

The Language of the Soul course can be completed before commencement of other courses, simultaneously or even after completion of other courses.  (Always check course pre-requisites for guidance).      

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"The course offered an amazing journey path of self discover.  An absolute gem. These courses should be compulsory!  Every single person on this Earth would benefit." - Rita

"The course helped me to learn skills in centering and understanding myself and how I relate to others.  This has really helped me live in 'real time' being conscious of feelings, thoughts, etc in a new and energising way.  It was an honour also to share the journey with other souls I met." - Sera

"I have found this to be a truly transformative course!  Everyone is so busy these days that we either forget about or ignore our feelings.  I have learnt the tools to help me feel if I have pain, fear, sadness or any other unhealthy feeling inside me and to deal with them so I stay healthy physically and emotionally... (the way) I have personally grown and changed is amazing.  And in such a short time too!!" - Diane

"It was an incredible experience which I'm grateful for.  It's been a great stepping stone on my journey." - Denisa

"This course has given me so much power to start overcoming certain aspects of my life.  Maggie was incredible, such a loving beautiful soul.  I'm so glad I completed language of the Soul.  Thank you." - John S.

"This course has opened me up to my soul and given me direction, acceptance and a greater understanding of my soul's needs as well as embracing my shadow self." - Lil

"My enrolment into the Language of the Soul Course has been an amazing life changing experience.  I have found answers, understanding, love, compassion, light... I recommend this course and more generally this College to everyone.  IC-OHM is a fantastic and safe place to open up to the light being we all are." - Murielle

"Language of the Soul has given me the tools to understand a lot more about myself - especially felt sense.  Being more aware of energy, working with different energies, self development, strength, guidance, releasing blockages that prevent us from growth emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I feel empowered.  Thank you, love and light and blessings." - Poppy

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"Absolutely wonderful, beautiful teachers.  Ic-ohm (I see ohm) is a perfect environment to learn and grow in, as the name implies.  Thanks for allowing me to express myself, learn at my own pace, and connect at a deeper level psychicly.  I feel blessed." - Ngaire