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IC-OHM is a world-class metaphysical college based in Sydney, offering both introductory and professional level courses in all fields of spiritual and psychic development, from meditation to energetic healing and advanced metaphysics.

Whether you join us for a short introductory class or a year-long self-development course, our goal is to enhance your sense of connection.  Connection to your self, your soul, your spirit guides, like-minded members of your community, and the universal love and light that surrounds us all.

IC-OHM is more of a community than a college, bringing together ideas, people, understanding and consciousness in an atmosphere of unconditional support and respect.

Our teachers are highly skilled and respected, and bring authenticity and integrity to every class, facilitating the personal growth and development of each student.

Stephen Bishop - College Founder and Principal

SB Aug 2010Stephen Bishop is one of Australia’s most accomplished healers and adept psychics, and has pioneered the teaching of metaphysical, psychic and spiritual development in Australia over the past 20 years.

In that time, he has personally guided hundreds of students to reach their potential as energetic healers, develop their psychic talents, and connect with spirit and the angelic realms.

He was even hired as the ‘psychic to the psychics’, helping the contestants on the successful television show The One to refine their talents!

Stephen brings light, love and laughter to all he does, reminding us that although our purpose in this lifetime is to learn and grow, there is always plenty of room for fun and friendship.

In addition to over-seeing all classes at IC-OHM, Stephen is available for private spiritual healing and counselling sessions, and conducts ghost busting and energy clearing services on demand.

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